Rubicon works hard to invest time to train new talent for employment in the Security Industry and seeks those who are not in work to join us and begin a new career.  We have had several success stories working closely within the Welsh Valley Communities First projects where individuals who are not in employment, who are living in deprived areas are trained, placed into a work environment on job placement and then into paid employment, thus raising their self-esteem, self-confidence, and quality of life.

About our tutors

The Rubicon Wales training team is made up of the UK’s finest security training professionals drawn from an extensive network of partner organisations across the UK. By selecting the very best people in the business, we deliver the very best service for our customers. Our Security Training team draws on experience from serving as Police Officers, Royal protection and British Army. They have over 100 years of experience between them within their chosen field.

Trusted Bodies

Our training is delivered by tutors that have over 100 combined years of experience within the security industry and are highly qualified to BTEC level 3 standard in: Education and Training, The Delivery of Conflict Management Training and Close Protection Officers in Hostile Environment.

Staff are also fully trained under the McCormack Training Ltd. Advanced Level 3 Physical Intervention course meaning we cover physical intervention in our training. The skills learned from this qualification can lead to jobs within the care industry mapping across basic self defence skills.

All of our exams are governed by external examining bodies including: Exclusive Training, Highfield, Edexcel  NOCN and ultimately our candidates need to be of the (Security Industry Authority) SIA standards.

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