Handcuff Training

The aim of the course is to teach individuals working within the guide-lines of their company policies and the law, the correct use of force and techniques appropriate to the situations.

This course is designed for individuals who, as part of their job may have to extract or detain people. This may include Civilian Enforcement Officers, Bailiffs, and certain aspects of Nursing, Hospital Porters, Security Organizations, Private Prison Officers, and Civilian Detention Officers.

The course is modular based and can be tailored to meet any requirements depending on your role and risk assessment. Although this course can be taught on its own merit, we highly recommend it is taught in conjunction with effective communications or conflict management training.

Course Content:

  • Containment techniques
  • Current Home Office restraining/extraction techniques
  • Effective breakaways
  • Non-pain restraint/extraction techniques
  • Quick response team work
  • Relevant law — use of reasonable force


Specialist training:

  • Handcuff Training (rigid-cuffs)

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