How do I fund the course?

When applying to our courses, one of the factors you should take into consideration is funding.

In the majority of cases, candidates successfully find funding and can begin a course with us in a matter of weeks. If funds are an issue, please don’t hesitate to ask about the help available for you to cover the costs of the training.

(If you are claiming benefits or have recently been made redundant, make this known and we will do our best to get it free of charge)

We have a close relationship with the Welsh Government and work with Job Centre’s across Wales to find candidates a new career with us. If you are financially eligible, your  Job Centre Advisor will grant you funding for the course and will liaise with us to confirm this.

We also would advise you to stay aware of local community funding schemes in your area, as we can sometimes work in partnership with them.

If however you have been made redundant in Wales within the past 3 months, the ReAct funding scheme is there to encourage people to get back into work, with the help of training and course funding.


Unemployed or recently been made redundant?

We welcome those seeking work, or those who are currently unemployed to do our training and work programmes. You will gain invaluable qualifications and develop skills to adapt across many security jobs with the chance to progress.

We believe in training our staff to the best possible level, raising standards within the security industry and making sure they are qualified before deployment.


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